Hospital PJS

When reading about what to wear during and after labour the general advice is to go for dark colours because of the aftermath effects of giving birth (lovely, I know). I have been looking for some nightdresses to wear during labour and PJS for my, hopefully short, stay in hospital afterwards. I haven’t discussed my Birth plan with my midwife just yet but I know two things for sure:

  1. I don’t want to give birth in the water (although I am open to going in a birth pool until it is time to push) and;
  2. I want skin to skin with my baby boy immediately after he is born for as long as possible (I heard that this helps with bonding and breastfeeding).

I want to take these factors into consideration when picking out what to wear when I am popping that baby out. I have went through a couple of websites and put together a compilation of items I think would be ideal to pack in my hospital bag. I’ve tried to keep the options as cheap as possible because I’m well aware that they will probably get ruined!


Georgerdfmtpjpgqlt85 (7)

Floral Maternity Nightdress: £10

Georgerdfmtpjpgqlt85 (5)

Floral Butterfly Maternity Night Dress: £10

Georgerdfmtpjpgqlt85 (2)

Spot Print Nightdress: £8


Maternity Nightdress: £10


Heart Print Sleeveless Nightie: £6


Sleeveless Nightie: £6


Floral Monochrome Nightie: £10


Floral Half Packet Nightie: £7


Floral Sleeveless Nightie: £6


Julien Macdonald Leopard Allure Lace Trim Nightie: £12


MAMA Nightdress: £14.99




Black, White and Grey Nursing Vests: £17.99


Burgundy, Blue & Stripe Nursing Vests: £19.99


Maternity Grey Stripe Popper Front Vest: £4.00


Maternity Navy Ribbed Popper Front Vest: £3


ASOS Maternity LOUNGE Stripe Rib Vest With Buttons: £16


Tapered Pyjama Bottoms: £10


Floral Print Pyjama Bottoms: £10

download (1)

Maternity Pyjama Bottoms: £8

download (2)

Printed Pyjama Bottoms: £6

download (3)

Star Print Pyjama Bottoms: £7

download (4)

Polka Dot Pyjama Bottoms: £7

hm pjs.jpg

MAMA Jersey Pjs: £24.99


Dressing Gowns:


Polka Dot Dressing Gown: £8


Spot Print Dressing Gown: £12


Leopard Print Gown: £12


Star Print Gown: £12


Heart Print Fleece Dressing Gown: £12

Some of these items are maternity and some of them are not but, I figured if they were not maternity they are made of stretchy enough material that a size or two up would be just as good. I hope that you find this even a little helpful. I hope it gives you some inspiration and makes it a little easier for you when deciding what to pop in your hospital bag.

See you next time x


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