TOPSHOP Maternity Want List

maternity wish list

Hello! Where I live there are NO maternity clothes in the stores so, if I need any maternity gear it all has to be bought online. This isn’t fun when your body has changed so much you have literally no idea what sizes you fit into anymore. Anyway, I will stop moaning now. There isn’t a lot of places which sell maternity clothes either that I would normally shop at so I thought each week I would pick a new shop and put together some wish lists, this week it is TOPSHOP. I will leave all the links below.

  1. MATERNITY Checked Shirt, £30.
  2. MATERNITY Red Striped Top, £22.
  3. MATERNITY Overlay Striped Bodycon Dress, £30.
  4. MATERNITY Neppy Joggers, £25.
  5. MATERNITY MOTO Short Dungarees, £38.
  6. MATERNITY Ribbed Side Split Jumper, £34.
  7. MATERNITY Black Striped Top, £22.
  8. MATERNITY Sleeveless Overlay Maxi Dress, £26.

If you know of any good shops for maternity gear please, PLEASE, PLEAAAASEEEE let me know 🙂

See you next time x

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